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Bible Terms Dictionary

The Beginner's Bible Dictionary is a guide for children as they read through the The Beginner's Bible. Try using these words in everyday conversation to reinforce the learning and each word's unique meaning. We're sure that each word in and of itself will lead to great discussions and a better understanding of God's love!

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Some of the words in this book may be new to you. Throughout the stories you will see these words in italics. You can find out what they mean by using this dictionary.


Altar: A platform or raised place on which a gift, or sacrifice, was offered to God.
Amen: A Hebrew word that means “so be it” or “let it become true.”
Anoint: 1. To pour olive oil on people or things. This sets them apart for God. 2. To pour oil on people as part of praying for their healing. 3. A sign of God’s blessing or favor.
Armor: A special outer covering like clothes made of metal and leather. People wore it to help keep them safe in battle.
Army: A group of people who fight in wars.


Baptize: To sprinkle, pour on, or cover a person with water. It is a sign that the person belongs to Jesus.
Bethesda: A pool in Jerusalem where miracles sometimes happened.
Book of the Law: The first five books of the Bible; Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.


Christians: People who believe Jesus has forgiven their sins and will someday live with him forever in heaven.
Commandment: A law or order that God gives.


Disciple: A person who follows a teacher. This person does what their teacher says to do.


Faith: Trust and belief in God. Knowing God is real, even though we can’t see him.


Heaven: 1. The place where God lives. 2. The sky. 3. Where Christians go after they die.
Holy Spirit: God’s Spirit who creates life. He helps people do God’s work. He helps people to believe in Jesus, to love him and to live like him.

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